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Wed 24 Thu 25
08:00-08:45 Registration
08:45-09:00 Opening
Chairperson: Gloria Platero Coello (ICMM-CSIC, Spain)
09:00-09:45 PLENARY Spin Qubits in Semiconductors for Scalable Quantum Computers Daniel Loss,
University of Basel, Switzerland
09:45-10:15 KEYNOTE Giant Artificial Atoms and Waveguide QED William Oliver,
10:15-10:30 Enhancing atom-interferometric inertial sensors in dynamic environments using robust control Russell Anderson,
Q-CTRL, Australia
10:30-11:20 Coffee Break / Poster Session / Exhibition
Chairperson: Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll (IFF-CSIC, Spain)
11:20-11:50 KEYNOTE The Coming Decades of Quantum Simulators Maciej Lewenstein ,
11:50-12:10 INVITED Quantum Information Processing with Bosonic Circuit QED Yvonne Gao,
NUS, Singapore
12:10-12:40 KEYNOTE Topological Superconductivity in Superconductor-Semiconductor Hybrids Chetan Nayak,
Microsoft Research, USA
12:40-13:00 INVITED Realizing non-Abelian statistics using graph gauge theory on a quantum processor Eun-Ah Kim,
Cornell University, USA
13:00-14:00 Cocktail Lunch
14:00-14:30 Poster Session 1
Chairperson: Silvano de Franceschi (CEA/UGA, France)
14:30-14:50 INVITED Addressing the fidelity and scaling challenges of superconducting qubits Mikko Möttönen,
Aalto University, Finland
14:50-15:10 INVITED Materials and Interfaces for spin qubits : On and Off the Beaten Path Giordano Scappucci,
TU Delft, The Netherlands
15:10-15:25 Coherent coupling of two distant Andreev level qubits Artem Kononov,
University of Basel, Switzerland
15:25-15:40 Advantages of Digital Qubit-Boson Hardware for Quantum Simulation of Lattice Gauge Theories Eleanor Crane,
UMD/JQI/ NIST/ Quantinuum, USA
15:40-15:55 Ultrafast Photodetectors for Quantum Circuitry Using Moire Materials Jake Dudley Mehew,
ICN2, Spain
15:55-16:10 Loophole-free Bell Inequality Violation with Superconducting Circuits Anatoly Kulikov,
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
16:10-16:25 Spin Cross-Correlation Experiments in Semiconducting-Superconducting Heterostructures Arunav Bordoloi,
University of Maryland, College Park, USA
16:25-16:55 Coffee Break / Poster Session / Exhibition
Chairperson: Ricardo Muiño (DIPC & CFM-CSIC, Spain)
16:55-17:40 PLENARY The next wave of computing: quantum-centric supercomputing Jerry Chow,
17:40-17:55 Experiments on an entanglement-based quantum network in the lab Alejandro Rodriguez-Pardo Montblanch,
TU Delft/QuTech, The Netherlands
17:55-18:10 How inhomogeneities enhance the manipulability of Ge spin qubits Jose Carlos Abadillo-Uriel,
CEA Grenoble, France
18:10-18:25 Topological amplification and perfect phase matching in a Josephson junction array with a non-local pump Tomas Ramos,
IFF-CSIC Madrid, Spain
18:25-18:40 Phase-space inequalities: certification of quantum correlations in the phase space Elizabeth Agudelo Ospina,
TU Wien, Austria
18:40-18:55 Time-resolved energetic exchanges during a Ramsey sequence Carlos Antón Solanas,
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
18:55-19:15 INVITED Joule spectroscopy and heating in hybrid superconductor-semiconductor devices Eduardo Lee,
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