Tue 23 Thu 25
Chairperson: Alba Cervera Lierta (Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain)
09:00-09:30 KEYNOTE Quantum simulations with superconducting qubits Pedram Roushan,
Google Inc, USA
09:30-09:50 INVITED Quantum Graph Machine Learning on a Neutral Atom Processor Lucas Leclerc,
PASQAL, France
09:50-10:05 Implementation of Parallel Arbitrary Single-qubit Gates on High-qubit-count Processors Using a Truly Scalable Control Stack Marc Almendros,
Keysight Technologies, Spain
10:05-10:20 Noise Robust Error Mitigation Amin Hosseinkhani,
IQM Quantum Computers , Germany
10:20-10:35 A control system for driving dynamic circuits on atom and ion based quantum processors using camera and photodiode-based readout Ramon Szmuk,
Quantum Machines, Israel
10:35-11:05 Coffee Break / Poster Session / Exhibition
Chairperson: Alba Cervera Lierta (Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain)
11:05-11:35 KEYNOTE To learn and cancel quantum noise: Probabilistic error cancellation with sparse Pauli-Lindblad models on noisy quantum processors Zlatko Minev,
IBM Quantum Research, USA
11:35-11:55 INVITED Useful Quantum Software for Today’s Processors Roman Orus,
Multiverse Computing, Spain
11:55-12:15 INVITED A software framework for scalable quantum computing Moritz Kirste,
Zurich Instruments AG, Switzerland
12:15-12:35 INVITED Unlocking the Potential of Quantum-Classical Processing Yonatan Cohen,
Quantum Machines, Israel
12:35-12:50 Quantum advantage by filtering in optical metrology David Arvidsson-Shukur,
Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, UK
12:50-13:30 Round Table 1: Bringing Quantum to Industry: Best Practices, Practical Experiences and Challenges (Moderator: Esperanza Cuenca, Multiverse Computing, Spain)
13:30-14:30 Cocktail Lunch
Chairperson: Alba Cervera Lierta (Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain)
14:30-14:45 Leading the next materials leap in quantum computing Pierre Desjardins,
C12, France
14:45-15:00 Deterministic Storage and Retrieval of Telecom Quantum Dot Photons Interfaced with an Atomic Quantum Memory Sarah Thomas,
Imperial College London, UK
15:00-15:15 ADR based sub-Kelvin cryostats for applied quantum technologies Pau Jorba,
kiutra GmbH, Germany
15:15-15:30 State-of-the-Art Measurement Capability for the Characterisation of Materials for Quantum Technologies Cristina Giusca,
National Physical Laboratory, UK
15:30-15:45 Certified randomness in tight space Boris Bourdoncle,
Quandela, France
15:45-16:05 INVITED Scalable qubit control and readout with fast-scalable feedback Yemliha Bilal Kalyoncu,
Qblox BV, The Netherlands
16:05-16:50 Round Table 2: The quest for quantum advantage: technology, standards and talent (moderator: Alba Cervera Lierta, BSC, Spain)
16:50-17:30 Coffee Break / Poster Session / Exhibition
Chairperson: Sonia Conesa Boj (Delft University, The Netherlands)
17:30-17:50 INVITED Circuit QED with molecular spin qudits Fernando Luis,
17:50-18:05 A Qubit Platform Assembled Atom-by-Atom on a Surface Christoph Wolf,
Center for Quantum Nanoscience, South Korea
18:05-18:20 Atomic-scale tomography of isotopically purified group-IV materials for qubit integration Sebastian Koelling,
Polytechnique Montreal, Canada
18:20-18:35 Multiplexed continuous-variable quantum communication in the presence of inter-mode cross talk Vladyslav Usenko,
Palacky University, Czech Republic
18:35-18:55 INVITED Hyperfine interaction in graphene nanostructures Géza Giedke,
DIPC, Spain
18:55-19:10 Quantum supremacy with many-body systems: Merging thermalization with complexity theory Dimitris Angelakis,
CQT Singapore and TU Crete, Singapore
Parallel Session 1 - "Quantum information and techs"
Chairperson: Alejandro Pozas (UCM, Spain)
09:00-09:10 A Two-Node Quantum Network with Silicon-Vacancy Centers in Diamond Pieter-Jan Stas,
Harvard University, USA
09:10-09:20 Frequency tunable single Er ions as telcom quantum emitters Yong Yu,
TU Delft, The Netherlands
09:20-09:30 DISCRETION: Disruptive SDN enabled by QKD for secure communications for European Defence Margarida Vieira,
Deimos Engenharia, Portugal
09:30-09:40 Cavity-Assisted highly efficient Atomic Frequency Comb Solid-State Quantum Memory Soeren Wengerowsky,
ICFO, Spain
09:40-09:50 Critical Parametric Quantum Sensing Roberto Di Candia,
Aalto University, Finland
09:50-10:00 Quantum non-Gaussian sensing of mechanical motion Radim Filip,
Palacky University, Czech Republic
10:00-10:10 Coherent superconducting thermoelectrical nanodevices Alessandro Braggio,
NEST, Istituto Nanoscienze-CNR and Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy
10:10-10:20 A Top-down Algorithmic Test for Comparing Imperfect Quantum Computers Thomas Draper,
Center for Communications Research at La Jolla, USA
10:20-10:30 IBM Quantum Platforms: A Quantum Battery Perspective Dario Ferraro,
University of Genova, Italy
10:30-11:30 Coffee Break / Poster Session / Exhibition
Chairperson: Diego Porras (IFF-CSIC, Spain)
11:30-11:40 Quantum speed steering Federico Centrone,
ICFO, Spain
11:40-11:50 Shortcuts to Adiabaticity for Fast Qubit Readout and Quantum Gate in Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics Xi Chen,
University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, Spain
11:50-12:00 High cooperativity coupling to nuclear spins on a circuit quantum electrodynamics architecture Victor Rollano,
University of Science and Technology of China, China
12:00-12:10 Experimental superposition of time directions Iris Agresti,
University of Vienna, Austria
12:10-12:20 Towards Microwave-Optical Transduction with an Embedded Mechanical Quantum Memory Eric Planz,
Niels Bohr Institute / Center for Hybrid Quantum Networks, Denmark
12:20-12:30 Photon bound state dynamics from a single artificial atom Nadia Antoniadis,
University of Basel, Switzerland
12:30-12:40 Robust optimal control for a systematic error in the control amplitude Max Cykiert,
University of Surrey, UK
12:40-12:50 Signatures of classical chaos in driven transmons Alexandru Petrescu,
Centre Automatique et Systemes, Ecole des Mines, France
12:50-13:00 Demonstration of long-range state quantum teleportation Lior Ella,
Quantum Machines, Israel
13:00-13:10 Quantum metrology with non-Gaussian spin states Manuel Gessner,
University of Valencia, Spain
13:10-13:20 Strong coupling between a microwave photon and a singlet-triplet qubit Alessia Pally,
University of Basel, Switzerland
Parallel Session 2 - "Quantum materials"
Chairperson: Leni Bascones (ICMM-CSIC, Spain)
09:00-09:10 Sub-nanometer mapping of strain-induced band structure variations in semiconductor devices Marc Botifoll,
ICN2, Spain
09:10-09:20 Strain-Driven Bandgap Increase in Twisted 2D Quantum Materials: A Nanoscale Study Sabrya van Heijst,
Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
09:20-09:30 A simple quantum circuit using ESR with the scanning tunnelling microscope Nicolás Lorente,
Centro de Física de Materiales CSIC, Spain
09:30-09:40 Theory of adiabatic charge pump with a topological insulator nanowire device Elena Lupo,
University of Surrey, UK
09:40-09:50 Implementing an erasure check for dual-rail qubits in 3D superconducting cavities Stijn de Graaf,
Yale University, USA
09:50-10:00 Implementation of hybrid Al/EuS heterostructures in the superconducting tunnelling devices Maxim Ilyn,
Centro de Física de Materiales CSIC-UPV/EHU, Spain
10:00-10:10 Graphene based superconducting quantum circuits Nicolas Aparicio,
CNRS, France
10:10-10:20 Emerging Exotic Phases in Unconventional Superconductors with Long-range Interactions Benedikt Fauseweh,
German Aerospace Center, Germany
10:20-10:30 Semiconductor-Superconductor-Ferromagnetic heterostructure as a Platform for Topological Superconductivity Samuel Escribano,
Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
10:30-11:30 Coffee Break / Poster Session / Exhibition
Chairperson: Sergio Valenzuela (ICN2, Spain)
11:30-11:40 Electronic transport in Weyl semimetals with a uniform concentration of torsional dislocations Enrique Muñoz,
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile
11:40-11:50 Engineering long-lived vibrational states for an organic molecule Diego Martin Cano,
IFIMAC, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
11:50-12:00 Controlling the photoluminescence of quantum emitters in hexagonal boron nitride by applied magnetic fields Ibrahim Sarpkaya,
Bilkent University, Turkey
12:00-12:10 Ultra-bright single photon source based on an atomically thin material Martin Esmann,
Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Germany
12:10-12:20 Generation and control of non-local chiral currents in graphene superlattices by orbital Hall effect Mario Amado,
University of Salamanca, Spain
12:20-12:30 Novel Excitons in MoSe2 from Proximitized Charge Density Waves Patrick Vora,
George Mason University, USA
12:30-12:40 Single nanographenes as quantum emitters Jean-Sébastien Lauret,
ENS Paris Saclay, France
12:40-12:50 Field-Effect Josephson Diode with Anisotropic Spin-Momentum Locking States Pei-Hao Fu,
Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Singapore
12:50-13:00 Heavy quasiparticles and cascades without symmetry breaking in twisted bilayer graphene Maria Jose Calderon,
CSIC, Spain
13:00-13:10 Revealing the exotic statistics of anyons in the fractional quantum Hall regime Jerome Rech,
Centre de Physique Théorique, France
13:10-13:20 Planar Hall effect in noble metal doped type II Dirac Semimetal PdTe2 Chadr Shekhar Yadav,
Indian Institute of Technology Mandi, India
13:20-14:30 Cocktail Lunch
14:30-15:00 Poster Session 2
Parallel Session 1 - PhD Students (Topics: Quantum Computing and Technologies / Advanced Quantum Communication protocols and Quantum internet)
Chairperson: Francesc Perez-Murano (CNM / CSIC, Spain)
15:00-15:10 On-chip distribution of quantum information using traveling phonons Parsa Zivari,
Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
15:10-15:20 Photonic indistinguishability of the tin- vacancy centre in diamond Jesus Arjona Martinez,
University of Cambridge, UK
15:20-15:30 Detection of single ions in a nanoparticle coupled to a fiber cavity Eduardo Beattie,
ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Spain
15:30-15:40 High-fidelity on chip four-photon GHZ states Mathias Pont,
C2N, France
15:40-15:50 Exploring dispersive qubit readout in the strong driving limit. Luciano Pereira,
Instituto de Física Fundamental IFF-CSIC, Spain
15:50-16:00 Machine learning-based device-independent certification of quantum networks Beatrice Polacchi,
Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
16:00-16:10 Supercurrent-mediated coupling between two Andreev spin qubits: theory and device Marta Pita-Vidal,
QuTech (TU Delft), The Netherlands
16:10-16:20 Quantum interference with photon-number superposition states from a coherently driven quantum emitter Ilse Maillette de Buy Wenniger,
C2N, CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay, France
16:20-16:30 Optomechanical Systems as Quantum Heat Engines Miika Rasola,
Aalto University, Finland
16:30-16:40 Two-qubit logic between distant spin qubits in silicon Jurgen Dijkema,
QuTech/Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
16:40-16:50 Towards resonant coupling between a RF superconducting qubit and a mechanical resonator Baldo Najera,
Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, France
16:50-17:30 Coffee Break / Poster Session / Exhibition
Parallel Session 2 - PhD Students (Topics: Quantum materials for electronics, photonics and spintronics / Quantum semiconductor devices / Quantum sensing and applications / Quantum simulation of exotic states of matter / Quantum softwares and algorithms / Theory of Quantum Materials)
Chairperson: Diego Porras (IFF-CSIC, Spain)
15:00-15:10 Purcell-enhancement and resonance fluorescence from a low-noise emitter in diamond Viktoria Yurgens,
University of Basel, Switzerland
15:10-15:20 Light-Hole Spin-Orbit Qubit in Germanium Patrick Del Vecchio,
Polytechnique Montreal, Canada
15:20-15:30 Charge sensing readout of Ge quantum dots Estelle Vincent,
UGA, CEA, France
15:30-15:40 Towards coherent control of a spin ladder in germanium quantum dots Elizaveta Morozova,
TU Delft, The Netherlands
15:40-15:50 Investigation of optimal operating point for hole spin qubit Marion Bassi,
CEA , France
15:50-16:00 Polariton Bose–Einstein condensate from a bound state in the continuum Maria Efthymiou Tsironi,
University of Salento, Italy
16:00-16:10 Mott physics with Rydberg atoms: using spin quantum simulators to simulate strong fermionic correlations Antoine Michel,
Institut d´optique/EDF, France
16:10-16:20 Magnetically mediated hole pairing in fermionic ladders of ultracold atoms Petar Bojovic,
Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, Germany
16:20-16:30 The battle of clean and dirty qubits in the era of partial error correction. Daniel Bultrini,
University of Heidelberg , Germany
16:30-16:40 Global optimization of MPS and applications to quantum-inspired numerical analysis Paula García Molina,
Institute of fundamental physics, Spain
16:40-16:50 Light-matter correlations in Quantum Floquet engineering Beatriz Pérez González,
Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid (ICMM-CSIC), Spain
16:50-17:30 Coffee Break / Poster Session / Exhibition
21:00 Conference Dinner - Restaurant La Masia de Jose Luis / Puerta del Angel 3, 28011 (Madrid) Underground line number 6 - Station "Puerta del Angel". Google Maps
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