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  We make the world's fastest and most sensitive light detectors limited only by the laws of physics  

Keysight (www.keysight.com) delivers advanced enabling technologies, and design and validation solutions to quantum researchers and service providers that help to accelerate the development of a quantum enabled world. Keysight’s dedication to speed and precision extends to software-driven insights and analytics that bring tomorrow’s technology products to market faster across the development lifecycle, in design, prototype validation, automated software testing and manufacturing analysis

With a dedicated team of scientists, engineers and developers we are pushing quantum technology to support scientists worldwide with our scalable qubit control and readout equipment from ultrastable DC to 18.5 GHz for academic and industrial quantum labs. The Qblox (www.qblox.com) control stack combines unlevelled noise performance, low-latency arbitrary control flows and can be scaled up to 100s of qubits. Our company is based in the Netherlands as a spinoff of QuTech, which enables us to implement the latest scientific insights and take a position upfront in the worldwide race towards quantum advantage. Using the technology developed at QuTech as a springboard, the Qblox team has fundamentally reimagined the architecture of quantum control to create a single integrated control stack that provides all the functionality needed to manipulate and measure quantum computers. The Qblox architecture speeds up calibration routines by orders of magnitude, saving research teams significant amounts of time and money. The Qblox team is interested in meeting experiment quantum physicists to learn about their applications and how Qblox could support their scaling needs.

Quantum Machines (QM) envisions a new technological age. A time when quantum computing revolutionizes entire industries, solves global problems, and drives unprecedented innovation. That’s why we made it our mission to build the Quantum Orchestration Platform (QOP): a complete, end-to-end hardware and software quantum control solution that brings out the best of any qubit technology.

QM’s QOP is the choice of the top experts around the globe. It fundamentally redefines the architecture of the quantum control stack and lets you achieve results faster than ever with the most powerful and flexible Pulse Processing Units. The full-stack hardware and software platform offers unparalleled quantum-classical integration. Teams can now implement and accelerate even the most challenging quantum algorithms imaginable right out of the box. From complex multi-qubit calibration to quantum error correction, with QOP you write your sequences as easily as writing pseudocode and run them with the industry’s lowest feedback latencies and the fastest runtimes. 

Built on an architecture that scales into 1000s of qubits and is designed to match your needs at any QPU scale, the QOP allows for unprecedented advancement and speed-up of quantum technologies.


HQS (quantumsimulations.de) provides software for materials scientists in the chemical industry, as well as in academia. Sophisticated quantum-level models of materials and their molecular properties give researchers the deeper insights they need to identify the ideal solution for their needs.

Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech (www.qilimanjaro.tech) is a quantum computing company that began operations in 2020 as a spin-off of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center - Spanish Supercomputing Center (BSC, https://www.bsc.es), of the Institute High Energy Physics (IFAE, www.ifae.es) and the University of Barcelona (UB, www.ub.edu). It develops algorithmic and cloud access services as well as quantum platforms aimed at optimization, simulation and Machine Learning problems for use cases in sectors such as logistics, chemistry and finance. Qilimanjaro participates in the direction of the European Innovation Council Horizon2020 project on "Coherent Quantum Annealing". It is a member of the European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC) since its creation in 2021. It has been awarded as "Exponential Leader 2021" by the Generalitat de Catalunya.
AMOs mission as a research oriented company is to efficiently close the gap between university research and industrial application. For this purpose AMO (www.amo.de)identifies those topics from basic research that seem particularly suitable for industrial implementation and demonstrates these in application-oriented technology. In joint projects and bilateral cooperation, research and development results are transferred to industry for maintenance and creation of jobs. Thus nanotechnology is expected to provide considerable potential for application areas such as information technology, biotechnology and environmental technology. Headed by Prof. Max Lemme, AMO operates a high level 400 m² cleanroom. Furthermore AMO offers a range of services from consulting to prototype development.

The Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia (icn2.cat), with its official English translation Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and acronym ICN2, is a non-profit international research institute located close to Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain). It is devoted to the generation of knowledge, materials and devices in the broad fields of ICT, health and medicine, energy and the environment. ICN2 Quantum gathers seven research laboratories covering a broad range of quantum science & technologies, including the growth of high-quality topological quantum matter for next generation devices & quantum technologies, the control of phononic and photonic degrees of freedom for innovative ultralow power actuators, sensors and information processing protocols, ultrafast dynamics of energy/heat/information in quantum materials, fabrication of atomically precise 2D nanoarchitectures as quantum platforms and ultimate atomic scale characterization and 3D atomic modelling of nanoscale materials for quantum technologies.

LSQuant (www.lsquant.org) is a flagship initiative dedicated to promoting large-scale quantum transport methodologies that, over two decades of continuous development, have demonstrated predictive power and stand as unrivalled computational tools for performing cutting-edge quantum simulation, as well as for guiding experiments, high-tech developments, and industrial research. To take these methods to the next level, LSQuant will launch a series of forthcoming activities aimed at enlarging the user and developer community, enhancing international networking, engaging young researchers interested in quantum science and quantum technologies, and connecting new developments to technology challenges of global concern.
Delft Circuits (delft-circuits.com) is a hardware company from the Netherlands. We are focused on the production of cryogenic microwave cables for various applications including quantum computation, astrophysics, and general cryogenic applications. With our Cri/oFlex® product line, we introduce an ultra-low thermal conductance and scalable cryogenic i/o solution, using conducting circuits on flexible substrates. Designed specifically for cryogenic setups, it provides excellent microwave performance, low thermal load, flexibility, ease of installation and reliability. Therefore Cri/oFlex® is ideal for all your cryogenic i/o challenges.
• Compact and scalable form factor
• Low thermal conductivity
• Ease of installation
• Integrated signal attenuation and filtering
At Pasqal (pasqal.io), we build Programmable Quantum Simulators and Quantum Computers made of 2D and 3D Atomic Arrays. Neutral atoms trapped in optical tweezers and addressed with laser beams are ideal indistinguishable quantum systems to realize superposition and entanglement, at the heart of powerful Quantum Information Processing. It is a highly scalable platform, benefiting from tens of years of development which has brought some of contemporary physics'​ most spectacular achievements. We develop the lasers, the vacuum technology, the electronic controls and the full software stack to make the individual atoms accessible to quantum programmers worldwide
Zurich Instruments (www.zhinst.com) makes cutting-edge instrumentation for scientists and technologists in advanced laboratories who are passionate about phenomena that are notoriously difficult to measure. The company’s hardware offering includes lock-in amplifiers, quantum computing control systems, impedance analyzers, and arbitrary waveform generators.
Zurich Instruments brings innovation to quantum control systems in the form of efficient workflows, tailored specifications and feature sets, and a high degree of reliability. The company's goal is to support quantum researchers and engineers by allowing them to focus on developing and scaling up quantum processors and other elements of the quantum stack while benefiting from the most advanced classical control electronics and software.

Quandela (www.quandela.com) is a quantum computing company providing hardware, middleware and software solutions based on photonic technologies.

We brings state-of-the-art technology and combine it with the strong dedication of our teams. We build unique solid-state sources of quantum light and create quantum algorithms to power a new generation of quantum computers, available on the cloud


Quantum Delta NL (QDNL - quantumdelta.nl) is a comprehensive program to turn the NL into a Silicon Valley for Quantum Technologies. Actions target all aspects of the ecosystem: talent, R&D, entrepreneurship, market creation and societal impact. QDNL consists of five major quantum hubs and several universities and research centres, which are all connected. The hubs are collaborating on innovation by bringing together top-quality scientists, engineers, students and entrepreneurs, working together on the frontier of quantum technology. The Netherlands is a vibrant international hotspot for quantum technology, with leading science, technology and talent. With Quantum Delta NL, we are creating a fully functional national ecosystem for excellence in quantum innovation, for highly talented professionals to bring quantum computers, quantum networks and quantum sensors to the market. The Netherlands has the vision, technology, talent and partnerships to move to the forefront of this complex field, becoming a dynamic Quantum Delta NL. Successful development and innovative application of quantum technology require us to overcome major scientific and technological challenges and integrate diverse technologies and disciplines, adopting a targeted strategy and approach backed by all parties in the ecosystem. By working together, we can simultaneously lift technology readiness levels across the board.Our job board: jobs.quantumdelta.nl/jobs


Active Technologies (www.activetechnologies.it) is an Italian company (started in 2003 as a spin-off of University of Ferrara) focused in generation of very fast and complex signals. The company mission is to design and produce innovative Arbitrary Waveform Generators and Pulse/Pattern Generators adopted by many research labs in both Academia and Industrial companies. Our R&D department works in a very close cooperation with our customers, solving complex experimental systems demanded by several markets like Physics, Semiconductor, Aerospace & Defence, Automotive and so on. As a confirmation of our winning technology, AT has been requested to act as OEM partner by the most important T&M pillars. In Quantum Technologies market our products can solve many different applications, i.e. the control of Electro-Optical / Electro-Acoustic Modulators, and the generation of fast and complex pulses in different Qubit control system. As a Small Medium Enterprise (SME), Active Technologies can be involved in EU Research Projects as technology partner (we’re already running several FP7, H2020 and ECSEL programs). To summarize our unique features: fastest 16-bit generation, high amplitude (up to 24 Vpp) signals, up to 8 channels in a single instruments, mixed analog-digital generation, very easy to use software.

We make the world's fastest and most sensitive light detectors limited only by the laws of physics

Single Quantum (singlequantum.com) was established as the first European company manufacturing and commercializing superconducting single photon detectors. By sharing this groundbreaking technology, we aim to create a better future!
Our multi-channel detection system has already been chosen by more than 150 academic and industrial labs all over the world to perform complex optical measurements.
The unique combination of unparalleled detection efficiency and time resolution is what makes our superconducting detectors the ideal choice for quantum communication, cryptography, infrared fluorescence spectroscopy, laser ranging and many other applications


ICEoxford are leading designers and manufacturers of high-performance cryogenic systems for the cryogenic research community. We offer both wet and closed-loop systems for a wide range of low temperature applications.
Utilising our key patented technologies, we can achieve some of the highest cooling powers on the market, combined with rapid cool-down times and excellent temperature stability.
Each system can be fully customised to allow for optical access, magnet integration, sample manipulation and experimental wiring. We believe in delivering high quality products alongside outstanding customer support and excellent levels of personal service from our expert technical teams.


Agnostiq develops software tools that make quantum and high performance computing resources more accessible to enterprises and developers. Along with its algorithmic research, Agnostiq is developing Covalent, an open source workflow orchestration platform designed to help users manage and execute tasks on heterogeneous compute resources.


At kiutra, our mission is to provide our research and industry customers with user-friendly, turnkey cryostats that give them the time to focus on their work rather than on their cryostats. 

We facilitate low-temperature investigations of material samples and accelerate development and testing of quantum hardware & related electronics. Our platforms offer continuous sub-Kelvin cooling independent of liquid cooling media, notably of rare and costly helium-3. 

Our scientific background, partnerships, and active exchange with researchers from around the world give us a great understanding of the difficulties and needs that arise in day-to-day laboratory work with cryogenic equipment. An innovative university spin-off, backed by expert deep tech investors, we are a reliable partner for your cryogen-free R&D and commercial low-temperature needs. 


TOPTICA Photonics has been developing and manufacturing high-end laser systems for more than 20 years.

The systems are used for demanding scientific and industrial applications in biophotonics, industrial metrology and quantum technology. TOPTICA is renowned for providing the widest wavelength coverage of lasers on the market, providing high-power lasers even at exotic wavelengths: 190 nm - 0.1 THz (corresponding to 3 mm).


Nu Quantum is developing quantum networking technology to interconnect quantum computers into clusters; the only way to achieve the scale required to unlock the $bn market opportunity in Quantum Computing.
We are developing full end-to-end hardware solutions to interface with the QCs, including a unique high speed computer-network interface, photonic switching fabric, and control systems. Our aim is to accelerate the roadmap towards the first useful quantum supercomputers - which will be multi-core - and to populate the quantum data-centers of the future: networking within multi-core clusters, between clusters, and eventually between different kinds of computing hardware in a heterogeneous architecture
We are working with leading QC companies and QC research groups, as well as with larger corporations, to bring this technology to market.


SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH - A Story of Constant Innovation
SPECS has more than 150 employees at its headquarters in Berlin and its subsidiaries in the USA, China and Switzerland. The company also has sales offices and international sales channels in more than sixteen countries. A team of scientists and engineers are involved in developing and producing scientific instruments for surface analysis, material science and nanotechnology. By constant innovation new techniques, components or system concepts are launched every year since more than 30 years, revolutionizing the field of surface analysis. Contact SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH (www.specs.com) for further information.


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